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Safe Places

The Town Council would like to advise that we are now a “Safe Place” with regard to the national scheme encouraging businesses and services to provide initial support to people who may feel in need of a little extra help or support for various reasons; for example, during times of anxiety, fear or distress.      The aim of the Safe Places project is to establish Safe Places that provide a safe environment for people who may require some additional support when out and about in the community.
Businesses and organisations who are part of the Safe Places project will display an A5 size round Safe Place sticker in their window to alert people that they are a ‘Safe Place’. Please see attached photograph to see what the Safe Place sticker looks like.
People can choose to carry an ICE card (In case of emergency), which they can show when they use a Safe Place in order to obtain the support they require.
People can also choose to show other emergency and support cards where appropriate, for example, dementia help cards.
When a person uses a safe place they will be:
Listened to      Reassured        Supported       Offered time and a safe place to wait

Bus Shelters in Royal Wootton Bassett.

Town Council  Staff

Clean and maintain on a regular basis the 32 bus shelters in Royal Wootton Bassett.

The two bus shelters in the High Street are cleaned by a cleaning contractor every 6 weeks.

This work is carried out early in the morning.

Many of the shelters have electrical lighting in them and this is inspected on an annual basis.

Graffiti is a major and on-going problem and the Town Council have had all of the panels in the shelters changed to stainless steel so that the graffiti can be cleaned off.When the shelters had polycarbonate panels it was very expensive to clean off the graffiti.

Graffiti remover could not be used as it etched into the polycarbonate and marked it.

You can

Please report to us any vandalism, including graffiti, of the bus shelters









Town Council Staff

Maintain and supervise CCTV monitors

You can

Volunteer to assist as a CCTV operator, if you would wish to be considered for this please contact Dave Williams on 01793 850222.



Town Council staff

Liase with Funeral Directors, stonemasons etc ensuring correct procedures are adhered to.Ensure information is correctly entered into record books and the Town Council website.

Maintain the grounds of the cemetery and ensure all memorials are safety checked on a regular basis.

The Town Council are currently investigating the purchase of land for a new Cemetery.

You can

If you are an exclusive Grant of Right holder arrange for an annual grave maintenance programme for a loved ones grave to be set up.If you are an exclusive Grant of Right holder, arrange, free of charge, for the grave of a loved one to be grassed over.

Make an appointment with our staff to discuss any enquiries you may have concerning the cemetery.   Research family history on the Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council web site.

Report to us any problems or vandalism noticed in the Wootton Bassett Cemetery in Downs View.

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Children’s Play Areas are situated at  

  • Otter Way
  • Old Court
  • Poets Field
  • Jubilee Lake
  • New Road
  • Showfield
  • Woodshaw

For full details of play areas, please see under the Community tab where there is a map of the play areas.

Town Council Staff        

Maintain the grounds of the various play areas.

Maintain and periodically update the play area equipment.

Work with local children finding out what they like.

In the last six years Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council have improved all the play areas in the town.

You can

Please report any problems found at play areas.



Town Council Staff
Various events in the town are organized by Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council, such as the Royal Event in October 2011, Sunset Ceremony, Town Crier Events and the Christmas Lights and Shopping Event.

Jubilee Lake Nature Reserve
Town Council Staff Manage and maintain the grounds.You Can

Pick up nature trail leaflets from the Town Council offices at 117 High Street.


Report any problems.

Contact the Angling Club on 01793 346730 if you wish to fish in the lake.

Contact the Town Council on 01793 850222 for all other problems concerning Jubilee Lake.



Market on Wednesday        

Town Council Staff  

Manage the Town Council Market.

You Can     

Visit the market on a Wednesday and enjoy the varied stalls.

If you would like a stall at the Wednesday Market please telephone 01793 850222 for further information.




We have a small selection of memorabilia in the offices.

Please call in at the offices in 117 High Street for more details.



Regular meetings are held by the Town Council for the following areas:



Revenue and Resources

Annual Town Meeting

Town Hall and Trust Charity

Mayor Making

Appoint Committees


The Calender of Meetings can be found under the The Town Council tab on this website.

There are also Working Parties, made up of Councillors and Town Council Staff, for the Cemetery, Regeneration, Planning, Events, Play Areas and Communication.


Town Council staff         

Attend the regular Council and Working Party Meetings with Town Councillors.Arrange and type up associated Agendas, Reports, Minutes and Correspondence.


You can     

Attend certain meetings to voice your views on Agenda items. Please contact the office on 01793 850222 for more information regarding this.

Read Agendas and Minutes on our Town Council website or call in to the offices at 117 High Street to read them.



Mayor / Deputy Mayor and Town Crier               


The Mayor/Deputy Mayor and Town Crier are representatives of Royal Wootton Bassett attending local and national civic and community functions.

The Mayor also raises money for his/her chosen charity.

Town Council Staff

Maintains and updates the Mayor’s/Deputy Mayors diary. Acts as Secretary, dealing with Mayoral correspondence etc.

Assists with the Mayor Making and Civic Service.

Organises Press Releases

Assists Town Crier with Town Crier Events



Floral Displays

Town Council Staff  

Plant and maintain twenty four flower beds in the town.


You can

Sponsor some of the flower beds on an annul basis.     This sponsorship would include signage advertising your business.


Please call 01793 850222 for details including price.




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Town Council Staff

Keep a small stock of local tourism leaflets in the reception area.

You can

Come in and browse our leaflets.

Please ask our Information Officer for assistance.

Update Web Page / Facebook & Twitter



Royal Wootton Bassett Town Councillors are statutory consultees in the planning process. Councillors may make objections to planning applications. However, the final decision is always undertaken by Wiltshire Council.


You can

Members of the public can come to the Town Council offices at 117 High Street to view current planning applications. Decisions on planning applications can be found on the Wiltshire Council website, or call Wiltshire Council on 0300 456 0100.


Members of the public can also attend Planning Meetings – dates can be found on this website – and are given the opportunity to speak before the meeting begins. This will form part of the meeting Minutes.