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Corporate Governance

It comprises the systems and processes, cultures and values, by which local government bodies are directed and controlled and through which they account to, engage with and, where appropriate, provide leadership to their communities. It ensures that the Town Council are doing the right things in the right way for the right people in a timely, inclusive, open, honest and accountable manner. This is critical in order to deliver the intended outcomes for citizens and service users and to operate in an effective and ethical manner.

Please click on links for full information for the policies that Town Council work to. They are reviewed and updated regularly to ensure compliance with current legislation.

Annual Governance Statement Policy 2016 Final
Anti Fraud and Corruption Policy 2016 Final
BioDiversity Crime and Disorder Statement Oct 2017
Budget 2019-2020
Code of Conduct July 2012[1]
Community Engagement Strategy
Complaints Procedure 2016 Final
Council Governance Policy Review
Electoral Process
Employee Handbook
Environmental Policy August 2017
Financial Management Strategy 2016 Final
Healthy & Safety Policy 2018
Insurance 01 06 19
Job Description Town Clerk 2016 Final
Leadership in planning for the future of the community
Manages the Performance of the Council as a Corporate Body
Manages the performance of the council as a Corporate Body Aug
Medium Term Financial Strategy[1]
Member and Employee Protocol 2016 Final
Model Publication Scheme 2016 Final
Model Publication Scheme FOI Guide to Classes of Information Available 2016 final
Performance Management Strategy 2016 Final
Policy Plan 2016 -2021
Recording Filming photography final 2016
Scheme of Delegation 2016 Final
Staff Recruitment and Retention Policy 2016 Final
Standing Orders RWB 2016 Final
Treasury Management Policy 2016 Final
Value for Money Statement Aug 2017
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