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Royal Wootton Bassett
Town Council

We honour those who serve

Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council

We honour those who serve

t: 01793 850222


t: 01793 850222


About Your Council

About Your Council

The Town Council has 16 Councillors, who are elected to represent one of three wards in the town; North, South & East Ward. The North and South Ward are represented by seven councillors, with East Ward having two. Councillors are elected to serve a period of four years.

The election was held on 4th May 2017. To view these results please click on the following link which will take you to Wiltshire Council website.

For more information regarding the electoral process please click on the following link to go to our Policies page where you can download a copy.

Corporate aims and objectives

The Council aims is to promote Royal Wootton Bassett as an independent and vibrant community.

Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council’s commitment to residents is to be a forward thinking organisation and provide effective leadership for the town.

The Town Council offers:

  • Quality services, founded on community involvement and responsive to the town’s needs;
  • Support its staff and value them in delivery of services to residents;
  • Through effective leadership and quality of service provision, the Town Council will promote a sustainable and balanced future for the town.

The 16 elected members are responsible to ensure the Town Council’s business is carried out in line with statutory requirements. These Councillors represent residents’ interest at the various committees, sub-committees and working groups, where decisions are made to provide and improve the Town and it’s facilities. Each May, the Council hold an Annual Meeting (Mayor Making) where a Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected.

At Full Council is where all 16 Councillors meet to make decisons on such matters as; setting the precept, making, amending or revoking Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Internal Control, Matters of Principle or Policy and any proposed new undertakings.

The Amenities Committee looks after seven play areas, Jubilee Lake Nature Reserve, Jacqui Woolford Memorial Park, Down View Cemetery, CCTV, open spaces under its ownership and the Public Conveniences at Borough Fields Shopping Centre.

The Revenue & Resources Committee is responsible for making financial decisions and dealing with staffing matters, along with management of its investments such as Merchants, House. It also oversees Town Events, for example Christmas Lights & Shopping Evening held ever year around November / December time. It interacts with the community by giving grants to support local organisations.

The Planning Committee  meets when it is deemed necessary to discuss the Town Council’s response as a consultee to planning applications submitted to Wiltshire Council.

The Town Council are also Trustees to Wootton Bassett Town Hall & Trust Charity, which meets twice a year; July and February to discuss matters on the Town Hall building and Charter Market held every Wednesday.

Supporting the Councillors are 18 members of staff, led by the Town Clerk, who is the Responsible Financial Officer, and ensures that the Council as a whole conducts its business properly and provides independent, objective and professional advice and support.

Council Meeting Dates 2020/2021

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What We Do

Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council provide a wide range of services and looks after many of the town’s facilities including;

  • Award Grants
  • Banner Space at Marlowe Way
  • 32 Bus Shelters
  • Bulletin
  • CCTV
  • Christmas Lights & Shopping Event
  • Civic Awards
  • Community Resilience Plan
  • Downs View Cemetery
  • Jackie Woolford Memorial Park
  • Jubilee Lake Nature Reserve
  • Flagpole
  • Hanging Baskets & Sponsored Flowerbeds
  • High Street Furniture
  • Manor House
  • Mayor’s Diary & Events
  • Memorabilia
  • Memorial Benches & Trees
  • Merchant House
  • Neighbourhood Plan
  • Planning Consultee
  • 7 Play Areas/Parks
  • Public Conveniences at Boroughfields & Jubilee Lake
  • Repatriation Archives
  • Resilience Plan
  • Safe Places
  • Showfield Ground
  • Sparrow Lane
  • Stoneover Lane tree site
  • Stone Poppy site
  • Tourist Information Point
  • 6 Town Notice Boards
  • Town Crier Competition
  • Trustee of Wootton Bassett Town Hall Trust & Charity
  • War Memorial
  • Website & Social Media
  • Wednesday Charter Market

The Town Council also support a number of community groups and initiatives such as:

  • Royal Wootton Bassett Community Together
  • Royal Wootton Bassett Demential Friends
  • Royal Wootton Bassett Neighbourhood Plan
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