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Royal Wootton Bassett
Town Council

We honour those who serve

Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council

We honour those who serve

t: 01793 850222


t: 01793 850222



You may have already seen on the news or social media that this summer we hosted a kingfisher sculpture at Jubilee Lake in Royal Wootton Bassett as part of the kingfisher trail, please see the link below for more details:
We have had really positive feedback from the kingfisher being at the lake and would be sad to see the sculpture go.
The next stage is to auction the kingfishers at the end of October to raise money for charity. However, we have the chance to keep our kingfisher but unfortunately do not have the funds to do so. WOULD YOU LIKE TO SPONSOR OUR KINGFISHER TO KEEP AT JUBILEE LAKE. In return we would add a plaque at the front of the Kingfisher advertising that you had sponsored him.

Please contact if you can help by Thursday 14th October 2021.
Many thanks

photo of kingfisher at Jubilee Lake

10th Anniversary 2021

Press Release
Issued 11th October 2021

The 16th October 2021 marks the 10th Anniversary of the presentation of Letters Patent by Princess Anne, from HM the Queen, to the Town of Wootton Bassett in 2011, which changed the name of the town to Royal Wootton Bassett.

The presentation to the then Mayor, Councillor Paul Heaphy, took place at a ceremony in the High Street, on the same spot where thousands of people, from the town and around the world, had gathered over a period of four and a half years for the repatriation of 355 fallen armed services personnel.

The event that day was not a celebration. The town did not want to be thanked or recognised simply for doing what we thought was “the right thing”. We wanted the focus of attention to be directed towards those who had paid the ultimate sacrifice. Our role was to make sure that their families and friends knew that the loss of their loved ones had not gone unnoticed. We wanted to support those families in any way we could, and leave them, and all armed forces personnel, in no doubt that we were grateful for the service they had offered and the sacrifices they had made.

Just a few weeks before 16th October 2011, Town Councillors had met, to be informed of the change in the town’s name, they were also told that the town would be receiving a redesigned coat of arms – incorporating the Lion Passant. It was noted that, historically, there had been no motto below the town’s coat of arms. Councillors suggested and agreed, that it would be the right time to adopt a motto, and “We Honour Those Who Serve” was chosen.

This motto is one which has come to be used countless times over the subsequent years when we are trying to debate how to address complex issues. We now find we can rely on it once more.

Town Councillors met again recently to discuss how we should mark the tenth anniversary of the town “being made Royal”. The discussion was frank, open and, at times, full of deep emotions as we recalled the events of the repatriations. It was agreed that there should be no celebration. We cannot celebrate an event that was the result of so much loss. It is too soon. We also agreed we should not hold any one “event” to mark the anniversary. It seems inappropriate at this time when the withdrawal from Afghanistan is so politically charged. Any event could be misinterpreted, or misused by those with political axes to grind.

During the time of the repatriations, the town was determined that no-one would be allowed to use them for political gain, or to claim that the town had gathered to demonstrate support for, or protest against the actions in Afghanistan. We tried to stay silent, but found the press and media filled that vacuum with their own intentions and agendas. So, we carefully and quietly made sure that no one was given a political platform.

That experience demonstrated to us, that if we let the 10th Anniversary pass without comment, once again it would allow the press and media to come to their own, incorrect, conclusions.

It is for this reason; the Town Council has chosen to issue this press release. We want to make it abundantly clear; we have not forgotten the 355 service personnel who were repatriated through our town. We remember them and we remember their families and friends. We remember the solemn tolling of the bell, the silence in our High Street and raw emotions that we witnessed on so many occasions.

On behalf of the Town, we thank all our armed forces personnel for their continued service. We remember not only those who fell but also those returned with injuries, both visible and unseen. We feel strongly that the sacrifices made were not in vain. Great things were achieved by our military personnel and we must not allow those achievements to be forgotten.

So, as we come to the 10th Anniversary of the last repatriation through our town, and of the change in our town’s name, we will not be holding an event to celebrate. Instead, we invite everyone in the town to remember the fallen and their sacrifice; to remember why our town was made “Royal”; and to remember our motto – “We Honour Those Who Serve”.

For further information, please contact Councillor Steve Walls, Mayor of Royal Wootton Bassett at the Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council office on 01793 850222.

Youth Singers Wanted

15 youth singers are needed for the Mayor’s Civic Service to be held on Sunday 24th October 2021. For further information please contact Lisa Williams on

Youth Singers Wanted Flyer

NHS Ride – Sunday 19th September 2021

On Sunday 19th September 2021, 180 bikes and trikes passed through our town, on route from Swindon to Chippenham, to thank and celebrate all the NHS staff and Wiltshire Air Ambulance for their dedication and services, especially during Covid 19 pandemic.

Please see photos taken on the day, courtesy of JJB Images.

RWB Environmental Group Wildflower Display

The Royal Wootton Bassett Environmental Group have put up a wildflower display in the Royal Wootton Library foyer until Wednesday 6th October 2021.

It highlights how our wildlife is being affected by climate change, habitat loss and intensive agriculture and explores how wildflower areas can help by providing space for our native flowers to grow, which in turn supports insects, pollinators, birds, bats and small mammals. The display includes practical information on the need to carefully manage wildflower areas including a case study from Dorset council showing that in their county it took about two years of reduced cutting and collecting to successfully establish wildflowers on their verges. The Library display builds on their previous wildflower engagement content such as the article in the current Community magazine as well as a statement of support from the Royal Wootton Bassett Gardening club.

The wildflower survey is available in a paper form next to the display and residents can also complete an online form here


Revenue & Resources Meeting – Thursday 23rd September 2021

Residents can view the Agendas for the meetings on the Council Meetings calendar found on the home page.

Revenue and Resources Meeting Notice


Wiltshire Council Climate Change Strategy Public Consultation

Wiltshire Council Climate Change PosterWiltshire Council are giving residents, business and local groups in the county the opportunity to have a say on their draft Climate Strategy which will help shape the next five years of the Council’s action on climate change.

The Consultation is now open until Sunday 17th October 2021. Please click on poster to take you to their consultation webpage to find out more and how to respond.

To download an easy read summary version of the strategy, please click on poster. Poster of Easy Read Summary Climate Strategy document


Residents are also most welcome to view the below video recording of their webinar presentation.

Town Council Meetings 2nd September 2021

Residents can view the Agendas for the meetings on the Council Meetings calendar found on the home page.Town Council Meeting Notice for 2nd September 2021

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