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We honour those who serve

Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council

We honour those who serve

t: 01793 850222


t: 01793 850222



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Coronavirus – Statement by Town Council – 21/05/2020

During the Coronavirus crisis the Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council has been forced to suspend a number of its services.  Now in line with the latest government advice we are now working towards safely re-instating services run by the council and wish to advise you about the following:

Town Council

  • Whilst office staff continue to work from home, plans are being made to reopen the Town Council office at the earliest opportunity. In the meantime we remain contactable by email on or mobile 07595 220655. Please continue to bear with us as we endeavour to re-instate our activities whilst providing an on-going service during these unprecedented times.
  • The grounds maintenance team are back at work with grass cutting being a priority. All play areas have been cut with the staff now focusing on cutting the grass at Downs View Cemetery. Play area equipment has been receiving minor repairs and maintenance during the lockdown and this work continues. We kindly ask residents to respect staff whilst they work and observe social distancing.
  • The CCTV unit still remains closed but active, with cameras continuing to record 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our CCTV Supervisor has been liaising with Wiltshire Council Enforcement Team to reduce fly tipping and continues to work with the Police to ensure the safety of the town. Plans to help support our CCTV volunteers to return safely to the unit are progressing.
  • We continue to operate the planning system on an “email” basis, as we are a consultee in the process and not the decision-maker. Residents are encouraged to contact their local Town Councillor if they have any issues/concerns on any live planning applications, which can still be viewed on the Wiltshire Council website.
  • The council has now received advice from the government in respect of holding virtual meetings and is working towards holding its first meeting in the coming weeks. The council already has a comprehensive set of corporate governance documents which has helped it to avoid having to call a meeting earlier.
  • All Wiltshire Council bulletins have been forwarded to Town Councillors and where appropriate placed on the council’s social media. As of 12 May 2020, 101 items have been posted on the council’s website and 72 items on the council’s Facebook page in respect of Covid 19. So please remember to check regularly.

Play Areas

  • All of the Town Council owned children’s play areas remain closed in accordance with the government’s continued advice. Residents are reminded that public spaces can be used for exercise as often as you like. Please remember that you can only meet up with one person from outside your household. No team sports except with members of your own household can be played. Poetsfield Basketball Park also remains closed as it enclosed within a play area.

Jubilee Lake

  • The council has been working with the Angling Club to open up platforms for fishing in accordance with current guidance on 2 metres social distancing. Therefore the decision has been made to open the lake to season ticket holders only. The lake will be checked daily to ensure compliance.
  • Jubilee Lake Tea Rooms will be re-opening this May bank holiday weekend (including Monday if the weather is good). Visitors will be able to take away a cup of tea/coffee between the hours of 10am to 4pm, but no indoor or outdoor seating will be available. Onwards, they will open weekends only but will continue to review this as time goes by. Check  their Facebook page for more information.

Weekly Market

  • The weekly market continues to be closed, this will be reviewed in consultation with Market Traders to decide the best time to re-open the market, but will most probably be at the time other shops open. The council is working with Wiltshire Council to put in place appropriate measures to promote public safety through social distancing.
  • The following market stall holders have informed the council that they are still operating and can provide a delivery service to residents: –

Indian Masala

Town Pantry

Black Dog Kitchens & Smokery

Please click on the highlighted names to find out on how to order and more.

Public Toilets

  • The public toilets in Borough Fields Shopping Centre and at Jubilee Lake still remain closed. The council is currently reviewing the risks in re-opening them to the public and establishing plans to comply with government guidelines. During this closure time, the council has taken the opportunity to replace all 3 toilet doors at Borough Fields Shopping Centre due to ongoing issues with residents becoming trapped. We hope residents will like the new doors when the toilets are re-opened.


  • Government guidelines advise the public to avoid crowds, therefore council run public events will continue to be cancelled/rescheduled or reviewed regularly in accordance with the advice as it changes.
  • Mayor Making has not taken place this year as in accordance with the provisions set down by the Government, the council will carry on with the current Mayor and Deputy Mayor for the time being. This may be reviewed in due course. The Government has also stipulated that all other appointments will be carried over until May 2021, unless the council decides otherwise.

Youth Provision

  • Youth Services have been temporarily suspended although the council is keen to support its provider in reopening when it is safe to do so.

Volunteer Groups – RWB Helpers

  • Our local volunteer group has reported that on 9th May 2020 they had 370 volunteers on their roll and had assisted 501 cases of need from the delivery of food boxes to the collection and delivery of medicines. On behalf of the residents, the council pays tribute to and would like to thank all who have been part of this group, for their outstanding effort to support our community during these most challenging of times.
  • The group continues not to handle money or collect it from those they seek to help. On-line transactions are encouraged.
  • The Town Council have been successful in applying for various grants and have secured £5,7001 in total plus donations received of £6252, to help pay for things such as food boxes (including for those with dietary requirements and hygiene essentials), PPE equipment for volunteers and other expenses.
  • As time progresses and volunteers return to work, the council is assisting in processing requests for support from residents. Residents should continue to contact the group on 01793 847472 or email

The Town Council continues to closely follow Government advice and will continue to provide updates of any changes to its services via the Town Council website and social media pages.


Johnathan Bourne
Town Clerk

Thanks goes to the following organisations for grants1 and donations2 received:-

Southern Scottish Electric Network – £2,7001
Wiltshire Community Foundation – £2,5001
Tesco Ltd – £5001
Royal Wootton Bassett Town Rotary Club – £1802 & £1452
George Scarrott & Royal Wootton Bassett Carnival Committee – £3002

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