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t: 01793 850222



25th October 2021

An 11th-hour bid was launched to save our Kingfisher which has been delighting visitors to Jubilee Lake all summer. We are thrilled that two local residents came forward with the funds to ensure the sculpture stayed at the lake, home to real Kingfishers.

The stunning sculpture was part of the Kingfisher trail, an arts trail of 22 sculptures which have been decorated by local artists for public display in and around the Cotswold.  Our Kingfisher was created by talented artist Hannah Dyson based in Stroud. An auction day was held on Thursday 21st October 2021 to find a forever home for each sculpture. We were pleased to be able to purchase our kingfisher prior to the auction. Please see the link for more details:

“We have had such positive feedback from the kingfisher being at the lake and we would have been sad to see the sculpture go” said  Rachel Deegan, Administrative Services Officer, Royal Wootton Town Council.

Safewell Ltd had already said they would like to sponsor half of the cost for the kingfisher, Managing Director Nick Evans said ” My friends and I spent a lot of time playing at the lake when we were kids, so to help out in a small way for something that was so integral to my childhood is a very warming thing to do. If the kingfisher adds a little interest to visitors and families visiting the lake then it’s a worthwhile spend on my part”.

Just in time, a local resident who wishes to remain anonymous donated the other half of the cost as in tribute to her relative who has recently passed away. The sponsor commented, “I would like to do something in his memory and he loved birds (and I love Kingfisher) so this seem appropriate”.

Hannah Dyson sent her congratulations saying “As the artist for this kingfisher, I was really touched and pleased you liked it enough to campaign to keep it! I’m really happy my kingfisher is staying in that lovely peaceful location”.

The Town Council would like to send heartfelt thanks, on behalf of itself and the community of Royal Wootton Bassett, to both sponsors.

Look out for kingfisher next time you visit Jubilee Lake.

Photo of Kingfisher sponsors at Jubilee Lake

photo of kingfisher at Jubilee Lake

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