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Tree Works at Jubilee Lake

Tree Survey

As a responsible landowner, Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council must take a reasonable approach to the management of all our trees. As part of our 2024-2025 budget planning process, funds were included for a specialist company to undertake an extensive survey of all our trees across Town Council owned land and subsequent work identified.

In total 354 trees were surveyed which enables us to identify a small proportion of trees that require maintenance, are diseased, dead or dangerous and need to be removed. This also helps to stop the spread of ash dieback.

The results of the tree survey were discussed at the Amenities Committee meeting on Thursday 13th June 2024; a copy of the report and minutes can be found here.

Jubilee Lake Works

Jubilee Lake, being the largest site and consisting of the highest volume of trees, will be carried out by a specialist contractor. In the Jubilee Lake area, the survey identified a few trees that were dead or dying and for safety reasons must be removed. The survey also indicated several trees that; to ensure they continue to thrive, have maintenance carried out on them. The maintenance has been scheduled at the same time as the felling works to avoid future disruptions. Any waste that cannot be chipped and left on site will be removed by the contractors and Grounds Team and logs will be made available for community use.

Works to the trees at Jubilee Lake will commence on Tuesday 2nd July 2024 for approximately 3 weeks up to Friday 19th July 2024; weather permitting. An ecologist has been consulted and a survey carried out. The ecologist was provided with details of each tree due to be worked on and they have advised of special instructions as necessary. The works will be carried out in stages to allow parts of the area to be kept open to the public, wherever possible. We kindly request that dogs continue to be kept on leads.

The map shows the locations of each stage:

Map of tree works at Jubilee Lake

Stage 1
5 to 7 working days

This will take place from Tuesday 2nd July 2024 for approximately 5 to 7 working days. During this time the path through the wooded area will be completely closed. There will be no access to the lake itself via the wood. The path next to the play park and cafe will remain open during this time.

Stage 2
3 to 4 working days

This will start immediately after stage 1 is complete; potentially during the week of 8th July 2024 and lasting approximately 3 to 4 working days. To avoid the complete closure of the lake, a ‘rolling’ closure will be put in place. This will involve closing the area around the tree being worked on. During this stage the public will not be able to walk around the lake in its entirety.

Stage 3
2 to 3 working days

Again, this stage will start immediately after stage 2 is complete. Works will begin during the week of 15th July 2024  and will take approximately 2 to 3 working days. During this stage the path to the play park will be closed, however the path through the wood will be kept open.

The works have been broken down into three stages so disruption to Jubilee Lake users is kept to a minimum. The works must be carried out to ensure the area is kept safe and open and are essential to ensure the nature reserve continues to thrive and provide a sustainable habitat for wildlife. To ensure these necessary works are undertaken in an efficient and safe manner, please do not approach the contractors whilst they are onsite.

We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding whilst these vital works are carried out. Please refer to our Q&A sheet for general queries concerning the works. For further concerns, then please do not hesitate to contact us via our webform or call 01793 850222.

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