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t: 01793 850222


t: 01793 850222


RWB Neighbourhood Plan News

Public Consultation is now closed
Tuesday 19th October 2021

The draft vision & objectives consultation is now closed. We would like to thank everyone for responding, we will be busy collating your answers in the coming days.

Public Consultation
23rd September 2021

From Monday 27th September 2021 we are launching another consultation setting out a vision and objectives for a new Neighbourhood Plan to cover up to 2036.

In accordance with national planning policy and guidance, the draft vision and objectives have been informed by the requirement to promote the three strands of sustainable development (social, environmental and economic). The purpose of the vision statement and objectives are to provide a clear and justified high level parameters for the Neighbourhood Plan, and from which the Neighbourhood Plan policies can be derived.

The vision statement for the plan is: “Building on the foundations of our previously adopted Neighbourhood Plan, by 2036, Royal Wootton Bassett will be a thriving market town with a distinct and local community feel. The town will be and environmentally, socially, economically sustainable and attractive place to live, work, visit and study‘.

Views will be sort on the strategic objectives of the plan, which include:

  • Retaining the town’s identity;
  • Ensuring residents can access facilities and services they need;
  • Planned good quality housing that are environmentally sustainable;
  • Conserving and enhancing the natural environment;
  • Supporting sustainable economic growth;
  • Promoting safe opportunities for walking and cycling within and outside the town;
  • Supporting opportunities to reduce traffic through the town.

We are encouraging if you live, work or own a business in the town to have your say and it only takes 5 minutes to complete. The ONLINE SURVEY can be accessed below, or paper copies are available at the Town Council office; Wootton Bassett Library, Boroughfields Shopping Centre and RWB Rugby Club, Malmesbury Road. Please remember to return your completed form either by post or drop off to the Town Council office by Monday 18th October 2021. You can download a copy of the questionnaire too.

If you have any questions then please use our contact form, or email us at or call 01793 850222 during office hours.


First Stage of the Neighbourhood Plan Review completed, what’s next?
9th September 2021

The working group with its consultants, DLP Planning, have been working hard to complete the first stage of the Neighbourhood Plan Review. The 700 + public consultation responses from October/November 2020, along with the assessment of current Neighbourhood Plan policies were analysed by our consultants, who presented to the group on 20th January 2021 their Policy Assessment and Consultation Report.

A Summary of both the public consultation responses and the Policy Assessment and Consultation Report can be found by clicking on the highlighted link.

From this work a proposed Vision and Strategic Objectives, with a scope of policy themes including recommendations on individual policies that could be included in the revised Neighbourhood Plan (in the context of these achieving the overarching Vision and Strategic Objectives) was presented to the group on 23rd March 2021 in their Neighbourhood Plan Review Scoping Report.

Summary of this report can be downloaded here.

The draft Vision and Strategic Objectives were finalised and approved by the working group on 3rdJune 2021. The vision and objectives will be subject to the ongoing review and iteration as the Neighbourhood Plan is prepared, particularly through the application of findings as the plan goes through further public engagement. A short consultation exercise will be undertaken shortly on the Draft Vision and Objectives to ensure these reflect the views of local residents and the wider community. So please keep a watchful eye out as we publicise this consultation exercise and let your friends and family know.

Following this, the next step will be to decide on what further evidence gathering is required and start to prepare the revised policies that will form the Draft Neighbourhood Plan. There will be a further consultation on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan once this has been completed.

The Working Group always welcome questions from our community and we encourage residents to contact the group, or if no internet access, then call the Town Council Office on 01793 850222 during office hours.

22nd February 2021

We would like to thank again everyone who responded to our consultation last September/November 2020. We are using your responses to aid us in our reply to the current Wiltshire Local Plan Review public consultation which finishes on 9th March 2021. Our Neighbourhood Plan requires conformity with the emerging Local Plan for it to progress and be adopted and become part of the overall plan for our town. Residents and business owners are encouraged to submit your views to this consultation and can do so via Wiltshire Council website


1st December 2020

The public consultation process for Royal Wootton Bassett Neighbourhood Plan finished on 23rd November 2020.  A total of 760 responses were received, which is an excellent response from residents and others who work in the town or visit it. This confirms how much the community care about the future of the town and have a view of how it should develop over the next few years.

The survey covered all aspects of the town including future housing needs, infrastructure and employment requirements, green spaces, desired leisure, retail and health facilities and the way the town should evolve. This will help ensure the needs of the town are met during the plan period up until 2036. Many of those that responded expressed their views in helpful detail.

The next step is to analyse the responses which will establish the main views and concerns of the local community, so the process of putting the new plan together can start. At that stage, those who expressed an interest in helping prepare the Neighbourhood Plan will be invited to further assist in its compilation. The local community will continue to be engaged and consulted on throughout the process, to ensure the developing plan reflects the type of town the community want. This will culminate in residents being able to vote on adoption of the plan at referendum.

For further information please contact the Town Council either clicking on contact link to the left, or calling 01793 850222, or email:

6th November 2020

There are only just over two weeks left before the closing date of our public consultation of our Neighbourhood Plan, we are strongly urging residents who haven’t completed the online survey, to do so. If you have we thank you, please encourage those around you to have their say, it takes only 10 minutes! Please see online survey button below.

Because of the new restrictions from 5th November paper copies of the questionnaire can now be located at Central Store at Gainsborough Avenue, Post Office on High Street, Jubilee Lake Tea Rooms and Iceland.

28th October 2020

The Neighbourhood Plan Working Group are pleased with the response we have received so far and would like to thank all who have completed our questionnaire. We currently have fewer respondents in the under-45’s age category so we would like to encourage anyone in this group to have your say on the future development of our town. If you’ve already completed the survey and have younger relatives or people in your household, please pass the survey on to them. We want to ensure we have the representative views of as many age groups as possible so that the plan reflects the wishes of the whole community.

Please keep an eye out for a pull-out copy of our questionnaire in the Royal Wootton Bassett & Lyneham Advertiser popping through residents’ letter boxes in the coming few days. This can be completed and posted or pushed through the Town Council Office letter box on 117 High Street, SN4 7AU. Or if you have online access why not complete our online survey, please see link button below.

Remember the closing date is Monday 23rd November!

12th October 2020

Today sees the launch of our neighbourhood review survey, with over 7000 leaflets being delivered to every home in Royal Wootton Bassett this coming week. The survey aims to gather the views of residents, workers, business owners about what type of town we want Royal Wootton Bassett to become over the next 10 years or so.

Once the survey closes on Monday 23rd November 2020, the data will be analysed and combined with a policy assessment of the current neighbourhood plan policies will inform the next stage, which is to draft a new Neighbourhood Plan for the community to comment on later.

If you live, work or own a business in Royal Wootton Bassett, it is vitally important that you air your views about the future of our town by completing the survey. All family members are encouraged to take part, even children (with a little help from mum and dad), so that planning policies for Royal Wootton Bassett can be sure to represent the views of the whole community, young and old, and help shape the future of the town for years to come.

The ONLINE SURVEY can be accessed below, or there are paper copies available at the Post Office on the High Street, Jubilee Lake Tea Rooms, RWB Rugby Club and Iceland. Please remember to return your completed form either by posting it, or you can pop it through the letter box of the Town Council Office on 117 High Street. You can download a copy of the questionnaire too.

If you have any questions then please see our FAQ link to the left. If this does not help then you can use our contact form, click on contact link to the left, or email us at or call 01793 850222.

Have your say about the future development of Royal Wootton Bassett by 23rd November.

You can view our current plan HERE.

6th October 2020

Royal Wootton Bassett Neighbourhood Plan – Have your say

Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council has started the process of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan. The plan sets out the vision and policies to guide future development at the local level. It also allows local residents to shape the places in which they live by influencing where future development will go and what it will look like.

The current plan covering 2017 to 2026 was adopted as recently as April 2018, but changes being considered in housing requirements in Wiltshire to plan for the period to 2036 and forthcoming policy changes in the emerging Wiltshire Local Plan, means that now is an appropriate time to review the Neighbourhood Plan. This will make sure it continues to meet the needs of our town and is a useful tool for the local planning authority when making decisions on planning applications in the local area.

A working group chaired by Councillor Steve Walls has been set up which includes Councillors and Officers, local groups representatives and members of the public. Planning Consultants, DLP Planning have been appointed to manage the process.

So far, initial discussions have been held with Wiltshire Council Strategic Planning Officers. An initial questionnaire to obtain views of members of the public has been compiled and will be available from Monday 12th October 2020 until Monday 23rd November 2020.

From Monday 12th October, this online questionnaire will be posted on this page. Paper copies will be available to pick up, from Monday 12th October please call 01793 850222 / 07595 220655 or email to be advised where to collect.

We urge the community to take part, as responses received will be used to inform a draft version of the new Neighbourhood Plan. This will go to public consultation, before submission to the local planning authority for examination by an independent planning inspector. Local residents will have their final say when asked to vote to adopt the plan via a local referendum.

Anyone wishing to take part in the development of the Neighbourhood Plan, please contact Royal Wootton Bassett Town Council via or call 01793 850222 / 07595 220655 during office hours.

6th August 2020

A poster calling for volunteers to join the Working Party has resulted in 5 new members and recently 2 new enquiries from local people wishing to be part of the group in steering the new Neighbourhood Plan.

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